Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May's To-Do List

Oh my goodness, it's MAY!  That is just so unbelievable to me.  I'm getting married in 10 days!!!   I also have other little countdown numbers, like my Nana will be here in 8 days and we leave for Orlando to go on our honeymoon in 17 days.  I'm so excited!!!  And I'm not just talking regular excitement here people.  I can barely contain myself.  I feel like I want to scream and jump my whole body is having a party on the inside, but I don't get to party yet because I have things to do and if I mention my wedding one more time and how happy and excited I am the people in my office might take me outside and hang me.  I mean, they're really happy for me, but I'm annoyingly bouncy even when I'm NOT getting married to the absolute love of my life...just sayin'.

So, with everything I have going on, I thought now would be a REALLY good time to take a page from my lovely photographer's book (Amanda Truth Photography) and start blogging a to-do list each month at the beginning of the month.  Each month after this one, I'll also post on what I have and have not accomplished the month prior.  This will 1) allow me to keep track of what I am accomplishing and the areas I need to improve on and 2) will mean I'm blogging at least once per month! Haha...

May's To-Do List

  • FOCUS - As hard as it may be, I at least need to try to focus at work.  I haven't been great at that lately.  I feel like I just have SO much going on in my brain.  Normally, I wouldn't consider myself as having ADD, but right now, that's how I feel.  I'm scattered.  I must get this under control.  Despite the fact that I have tons going on every second, I have to focus on what needs to get done at the office.
  • Wrap up the little wedding details - I have so many little things that need to be done.  I need to tie bows on the bowls, find some more bud vases (anyone have any?!), and get the little red glass dealies to go in the bowls.  I also need to take a trip to Ulta to get some more mascara and to Kmart to see if I can exchange some things for the reception and then decorate those things (it's a surprise :P).   
  • Hair - I bought a Living Social deal forever ago for a shampoo, deep conditioning treatment, cut, dry, and partial highlight for $55.  I swear by sites like this and Groupon.  You can get such great deals!  Anyway, I made an appointment for this Saturday to get that done, and afterwards, I really need to experiment with my hair at some point because I still haven't actually tried out my wedding hair, and this might be important since I'm doing it myself!  
  • School - I would really like to be finished with ALL of my schoolwork for the semester by Sunday night.  That may be pushing it, but I have so much to do that I can't afford to waste time.  I don't want to have to finish anything while my Nana and parents are here!!
  •  GET MARRIED!! - This one is really a no-brainer, but is way too important to get left off the list.  With it, I'm going to clump packing for the honeymoon and going on the honeymoon.  So there...packing is totally a to-do list item.
  •  Workouts - I need to be exercising at least 3 times a week.  Seriously.  It should not be that hard to walk or something three times per week for 20-30 minutes.  I think I'm going to start marking days I work out on the calendar so I can keep track.
  • Move - Josiah is doing an awesome job of taking things out of my house and putting them in his.  However, I need to be doing  a much better job of helping in the process.  I'm also going to have a lot of cleaning to do once I get everything moved.
There's SO much more I really want to put on this working on quiet times with my kids, teaching them more Bible verses, learning more of those myself, creating a schedule for the new house, putting everything in the new house away, blogging more often, taking more pics of the kids...just so much, but I have a feeling I need to limit the goal setting for now.  I have so much that needs to get done and so little time in which to do it.  Josiah and I will have the rest of our lives to focus on other things....  :)


  1. this is the craziest to-do list ever. I hope June has an easier list!! :)

  2. You and me both Jamie! I am SO looking forward to things slowing down a bit.