Monday, June 8, 2015

What NOT to Wear

I love how God works. Have I mentioned that lately?

I was talking to my friend Lindsay this morning, and we were both talking about things going on in our lives.

I was telling her that at one point yesterday I had to stop in my tracks and pray fervently for protection against lies. I also had to pray that God would work in me to even WANT a soft, teachable, loving heart because at that moment it was dark and cold and hard, and I liked it.

That's just real, my friends. I felt mean and hateful and calloused and cold...and I didn't want to change. I had to pray to WANT to change.

And then my sweet friend said, I have a word from God for YOU. (Reference this post)


She said, recently, God had shown her in a very visual way that in order to take up HIS armor, we have to remove our own.

Mind blown.

She said she saw her taking off her own armor and laying it at the feet of Jesus. Only THEN could she pick up and put on HIS armor.

We have to remove our own helmets...the thoughts we know aren't godly, productive, or we can pick up HIS helmet of salvation.

Drop the breastplates of iron-like fear we've used to protect our hearts from we can pick up HIS breastplate of righteousness.

Fling off the belts of lies the enemy has tied around we can wrap HIS truth around us.

Kick off the shoes we use to trod over others to elevate we can put on the shoes of peace and take HIS gospel into the world.

Set down the shield of self-reliance we cower behind in a feeble attempt to defend ourselves from all of life's we can take up our shield of faith in the One who commands Heaven's armies.

And finally, we have to stake in the ground the gnarled swords of our own malicious, hurtful words, swords dripping with venemous we can take up our swords of God's holy truth, HIS Word.

A word TO me, FROM God, THROUGH my sweet friend.

I love how God works.

So that's what I'm going to do today. I'm going to shed own armor - the armor that weighs me down, rubs my soft heart raw, and then leaves brutal callouses - and instead, I'm going to take up the only armor that can save me: HIS armor.

I'm going to give without fear of getting in return.

I'm going to love wildly, even though my love may not be returned the way I'd wish.

I'm going to defeat the lies of Satan with truth, and then cut him out of my life with the sword of God's Word.

This is my manifesto.

What armor are you wearing today? Are you burdened with a defense system that's hurting you more than it's helping? Or are you taking up the armor of the one who's yolk is light because he taken all our burdens on himself...who gives peace that passes all understanding?

Today. This hour. This second. You can make the right choice. Choose wisely.

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