Thursday, September 15, 2011

So I think I'm what?!

So, guess who's sick?  That's! *sigh* 

I don't have time to be sick right now.  Josiah said that is why and when I always get sick...and he's absolutely right.  Dang it....

I always have a tendency to WAY overdo it it, and then my body stops me like I hit a roadblock doing 90 mph.  So? I guess I think I'm invincible and don't need rest...ever.  So what?! :P

I think this one has been worth it though.  The focus of a great deal of my energy this time has been on putting together an event for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  It is this Saturday and it's called "The Amazing Little Race."  The concept is based upon "The Amazing Race" on CBS.  Twenty five "matches" (match=one Big with their Little) will compete in challenges at four different venues in Hampton Roads: Great Wolf Lodge, Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport, Virginia Air and Space Center, and The Norfolk Zoo.  After these challenges, there will be a big "Finale Rally" at the Hampton Teen Center where the matches will all get medals for participating and the top three teams will receive trophies.  It's also a way for BBBS to interact with the community and bring awareness about the organization.

 This is a BIG deal.  This event has the potential to make these kids aware of things and concepts they never even knew existed.  It will teach them SO many things: creativity, good sportsmanship, critical thinking, compromise, geography, science, astronomy...the list is endless!

Plus, it might open the doors for BBBS to move to the Southside (where the organization doesn't currently operate).  How awesome would that be?!  These mentoring programs are SO important and would benefit the Southside kids AND adults greatly.  I can assure you, to hear the Bigs talk about their Littles, this is is definitely a mutually beneficial program.  I was going to sign up to mentor, too, but then common sense got the better of me.  Single mom with three kids who's going back to school and is already volunteering...I can't take on mentoring, too.  That's just not smart and I wouldn't be able to even dedicate the time necessary.

So the event is finally here...and I'm excited.  I'm sick and exhausted, but REALLY excited.  I'm all about community responsibility, and I really feel like that's what this event and this organization are representative responsibility at its finest.

Do you volunteer?  Do you overwhelm yourself like me?  I'd be interested to hear other takes on this!


  1. Once a month, I and a group of co-workers buy the food, prepare the food, serve and clean up for a meal at the YWC Family Center, which is a center where homeless families can stay for a few months. It's very rewarding. I don't really take a leadership role though, so that means it takes up less time.

  2. That is REALLY awesome Christine! I did something similar with a church ministry locally called PORT. It was a very sobering experience. I think to do it once a month is amazing. :)