Friday, September 14, 2012

Crawling Back

Five minutes to write.

Five minutes to write when it's been so long.

I'm glad it's only five minutes because I don't feel my words coming anymore...not like I used to.  Today's "5 minute Friday" is on focus  and as much as I've lurked and never written, I NEED this right now.

I recognized it immediately...the opportunity to jump back in when for a long time I've avoided it.

Since I got pregnant, got morning sickness (and thankfully, may have gotten rid of it), and started back to school, I haven't written anything.  I've felt so...UNfocused.  I think of things all the time that I'd like to write about, but I never have the time, and even when I do...I just feel so...everywhere.

I can't quite get my mind wrapped around the subjects I want to write about or what I want to say.  Creativity has abandoned me, and all I'm left with is mundane and mediocre thoughts.

I told someone earlier this week that this baby is going to have an excellent vocabulary because it's stealing all my words.

Can I have some back please baby?  Just a few so I can express myself and not feel so bottled up and stagnant?  Please?

I needed this...focus.  Thank you Gypsy Momma...and Jamie. :)

Five Minute Friday

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  1. Thank you for this. It's so easy to get so busy; to be so focused on everything else that the words just don't come when you want them. I have been there. It doesn't last.

    Praying you find the time to release yourself to be creative. To be free. To be you.

  2. I called it "baby brain" when I was pregnant. :) I know you don't feel creative right now, but a great creation is happening inside of you! I love you!

  3. Although I am NOT pregnant, I have felt much of what you have shared here. I had not blogged all summer, and had been a lurker on FMF for a few months. So....FOCUS comes along and I forced myself to get back in there. It's harder when you've been out of focus for so long but you'll get it back...give yourself a break! You're baking a baby! ;)