Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Writing Me: I Remember

Guess who's featured today on Bigger Picture Blogs?!  Oh yeah...it's me! :)

I participated in a writing series they have called "Writing Me," and this particular project is called "I Remember."  It's pretty simply, really; each paragraph or sentence had to begin with the words "I remember," and the rest was all mine.

Since today was my feature date and also happens to be the second anniversary of Josiah and I meeting, I thought it only fitting that it be about us.

So, happy second anniversary, Josiah.  It's so hard to believe it's only been two years.  I love you more today than I did yesterday, and although it's hard to believe, I'm sure I'll love you even more tomorrow.  It may be trite and cliched, but who cares?  You are truly my soul mate, and a gift from God.  I love you.

With no further ado, I'll ask you to head on over to Bigger Picture Blogs to read "I Remember."


  1. Thank you for writing for us :)

    1. Thank you for having me, Corinne! I enjoyed it. I just wish I got to participate more in your weekly projects...never enough time in the day! :)