Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This one is going to be really quick.

It's confession time...ready?

I've slipped.  Like an AA member who fell of the wagon, I've slipped back into complacency.  I realized in the last week or so that, while we might be in church a lot, there's not a lot of time and heart being put into seeking God at all.

I mean, sure, I still pray all the time and I sing to Him in the car...but let's face it folks...neither of those things is a replacement for being IN His Word.  It just isn't.

We went to church last Sunday, and I knew exactly where our Bible's would the car...where we left them last Sunday.

If that's not lukewarm, then I'm not really sure what is.

Think about it this great would your relationships with other people be if all you did was talk, but never listened to the other person.  Shallow?  One-sided?  I'm thinking it's the same thing.

So, I've made a date with myself.  Tonight, while the kids and Josiah are at Awana, I will be at Lifeway looking looking for a new book.  Now, I don't need a study book to read the Bible.  I understand that.  However, I also feel like having a book to aid in my study, especially one that I really look forward to reading and that assists me in delving deeper into the Word, helps me stay on track and motivated to KEEP studying.

I miss the time spent with God in the morning.  I miss the deep connection I felt when I was reading His Word every day and listening to what He had to say about my life.

I'm looking forward to reconnecting. :)

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