Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SUCH a great day!

I'm gonna try to make this post reeeaaally quick, but this is just TOO cool not to share.

We last weekend I was pretty distraught over my car situation.  Then, I blogged about how I need to learn to ask for help.

Monday night I did just that.  I got down on my knees and told God I trusted him to provide for my needs, and I was asking him to do just that.  "Please God, help me take care of getting my car inspected and getting the kids what they need to go back to school."  It was like that, only longer and more heartfelt.

In the last 24 hours:

  1.  I received some money that I was expecting, but didn't think it would come in until towards the end of  the month.
  2. When I found out I got the money I googled my car year, make, and model with "clock spring," since that's what needs to be replaced...and I found a RECALL.
  3. When I got to the dealership to get everything taken care of, I found out my car wouldn't fail because of the ABS light being on (which was the other thing I thought I needed to fix to get my inspection).
So, my car is now inspected, it only cost me the $16 for the inspection, AND I had money to go get the kids their school supplies.  My God is a wonderful, caring, loving God and I feel so incredibly blessed!!

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  1. goosebumps! Isn't it so weird that we know our God is THE magnificent, sovereign God, in charge of the UNIVERSE, but we get surprised when he takes care of our simple needs?! I love it!