Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life's a Beach

Yesterday afternoon, after a long day at the office, Josiah and I decided we should go to the gym and then cool off in the water at Huntington beach for a bit.  It's not very often he and I can just hang out together, and since the kids were with their dad for a couple nights we wanted to take full advantage of the alone time together.

Confession:  I'm not much of a "river" beach person...the water, I mean.  I like swimming in the rivers near/in the mountains...cold, clear water rushing by.  I like swimming in the ocean...waves rolling or crashing against your body.

However, the water along the river beaches here can feel...stagnant...like pond water.  That's not my favorite.

We waded in, and instead of cooling relief from the summer sun it felt like warm bath water.  I made an honest attempt at relaxing and enjoying myself.  Josiah and I played together a bit on our knees because that's what we had to do to get the water to our shoulders.  We reminisced about the last time we were there by ourselves and how we had chatted about the what if's of marriage.  He didn't have the house yet, then.  He hadn't proposed.  We hadn't walked down the aisle and said our sacred vows.  Wow.  A lot can change in a year.

So after a hours and hours of this...okay...more like 15 minutes, I was squirmy.

Me:  Um...have you had enough? Because if you have, we can go anytime.  Really.  Anytime.

Josiah:  Close your eyes and relax.

Me:  Please remember that I'm the girl who always takes showers instead of baths because I can't sit still for...

Josiah: (interrupting) Close your eyes and relax.

He took me in his arms and made me close my eyes and just sit there while he gently rubbed my arms and legs.  Our foreheads rested together and the sun lit the shadows between our faces.

It was magical...and I'll never forget it.

After a minute or two, little fish invaded our space and relaxation quickly turned to distraction.  We waded back to the hot sand and continued on through our night.

But I'll always have that moment, not even just for itself, but because it's representative of who he is and has been in my life.

He (after God, of course) is my rock, my quiet, calming place...my gentle giant.

*sigh* I'm so in love with that man.

Every Thursday Bigger Picture Blogs invites members to link up and share a moment during their week that captures a "glimpse of the Bigger Picture through a simple moment."  While this was actually written on Tuesday, I felt like I had shared my moment for the week, and therefore, this is the post I chose to link to.  I would encourage you all to head over and see the Bigger Picture!!
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  1. awww! so sweet :) but I'm totally with you on river beaches.

    1. Thanks, Jamie! And yes...local river beaches are kinda yuck sometimes. LOL Miss you!

  2. Very sweet -- he sounds perfect! May you wade together in many yucky river beaches...

    1. LOL He is absolutely wonderful. And thank you...yucky river beaches indeed. :)

  3. He (after God, of course) is my rock, my quiet, calming place...my gentle giant.

    I loved that line. It names your blessing so well.

  4. Ah, lovely. I had a particularly stressful morning and asked my hubs if he could drive home for just a minute, simply so I could be in his presence, which never fails to soothe and calm me. Of course, he came :) Our God is good to bless us with such anchors.

  5. So beautiful. These are what real life love stories are made of. <3

  6. I'm that girl who showers, too ... but I'm learning to lean my head in and just let go. This is beautiful!