Friday, July 6, 2012

Red Writing Hood: Freedom

It's time for another link up with Write On Edge.  This week's prompt was "freedom."  I've found that I really like doing these.  They make me think outside my box.  I don't really write fiction...well, I haven't tried in a while anyway...but these serve as a way for me to take a word or a phrase and interpret them any way I choose.  Ya never know, maybe I'll even flex my fiction muscle again someday. ;)

Freedom is…

…alone in the house singing at the top of my lungs to God, the dog, the universe, and anything else that won’t judge me.

…sparklers, red, white, and blue, and apple pie.

…bought with lives of men and women who sacrifice and bleed for it, believing that it makes a difference because it does.

...twirling in the buttercups with my head to the sun and a song in my heart.

…laying it all down at the altar with gushing tears and sore knees.

…the careless laughter of my children ringing in my ears that makes my heart swell and fills me with joy inexplicable.

…knowing the spell is broken and my heart is free to love the one who loves me back…my one and only.

…ring around the roses, red rover red rover, and tag you’re it.

…knowing I’m covered by the greatest sacrifice ever made.

…windows down, sunshine beaming, wind-tangled hair, radio blaring, and diamonds on the water.

…love…unashamed, untamed, untimely, uninhibited, and unbridled love.

Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. Loved your take on this prompt. Especially the first one about being alone and singing aloud. When I read that I was like, "Ya I hear ya."

  2. A lot of great images in this piece!!

  3. yes, all of these and more. Your list made me smile.

  4. This is almost poetic. A lovely list of what freedom means to you.

  5. Nice take. I love the images you selected to show what freedom is.