Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wedding Portraits: Family/Bridal and Ceremony

Tada!!  Blog post as promised.  I know they're hitting late in the day, but it's really the best I could do.  Honestly.  We took the kids to see Madagascar 3 this afternoon, and then came home and did family devotions.  

So, here is the next installment of the Josiah-Alissa wedding!!  This covers all the family/wedding party portraits and the ceremony.  Once again, these are all courtesy of my wonderful photographer Amanda Truth!!

Me and my gorgeous girls

Adding the boy into the mix

My lovely wedding party made up of my eldest and my wonderful new sisters-in-law!!

My parents and I

One of my favorites *sigh*

*Double sigh* My gorgeous Nana.  She lives in TX and miss her SO much.  

Josiah's brother, Jedd, his wife, Jamie, and Wesley & Bailey
Fun fact: Jamie and I share the same birthday.  We are exactly the same age, born on the same day!

All the handsome men

I love this.  My son looks like little Lord Fauntleroy because Amanda asked all the guys to put their thumbs in their pockets, and he didn't have any pockets.  Thus, he had not a clue what to do with his hands.

New family!

Josiah and his parents
Fun fact 2: Susan made her beautiful outfit for the wedding!!

The kiddos taking a break

My pew bows, made for me by an awesome coworker

Almost ready for showtime!

"Look Mom!  I got a stingray!" says Wes coming down the aisle. :)





Fun fact 3: My dad and the pastor have very similar speech patterns and gestures.  See the face the pastor is making.  My dad makes that face...and he's looking at my dad.  I love that! 

Communion: our first act as a married couple

Our first kiss (married): Come here big boy!
Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Coburn!!

Yup Josiah...that's your cheesy, goofy wife...til death. Hahaha

Best frienemies
More Mr. and Mrs. Coburns!!

Amanda had something like this on her Pinterest site and I just loved it.  How often do this many family members from all over the US get together?!  So, this pic is all about the family!!

I don't know what happened, but Susan, my dad, and me thought it was funny.
Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Anderson from Alabama!

With our awesome pastor, Jim Weston, Jr.

See that gorgeous bouquet?  I could not have made those without the help of my dad and Kendra.  Seriously.  They should start a business.
Wedding party!


We are such a goofy group...and I love it!!

Well, that's all for now.  I'll post the final installment with the surprise shoe-giving and the reception tomorrow night.

Goodnight all!

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